February’s Bird-of-the-Month

Sunset’s shadow fell about two-thirds of the way up the wall of tall pine trees lining the eastern shore of the lake. I thought it would be neat to get the rising shadow on video, but realized it would progress too slowly to enjoy in real time, perhaps a time-lapse would work. A blustery northwest wind pushed a few swells larger than I usually see on this three-quarter mile long, tree-shrouded lake. A rusty red-brown bird blew in on one gust, soaring down over the lake. Hawk. It pivoted in the winds, dark in the shadows below the sunset. Its swerve sent it streaking back up into the dying sun, shining pale yellow underwings bright against the darkened sky. Another gust and turn and it dived back into the shadows below, swiveling in a tight circle near the shoreline, searching for dinner? Then back up on the next bluster, seeming to enjoy playing the momentary meteor. Better than a time-lapse video of a slowly settling sun, this hawk swiftly banked around for one last flash of yellow before a few shallow beats of brown-red wings sent it up and over the treeline with the sunset. sunset021215 Sunset over the Apex Reservoir 5:45 PM on February 12, 2015

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