I write stories about characters confronting compelling challenges, oftentimes in our not-too-distant future. I recently completed my first science fiction novel set on the Moon. I have also authored 14 op-ed pieces in the Raleigh News & Observer.

With a doctorate in biology from Emory University, I conducted research at North Carolina State University examining the effects of air pollution on plant growth. My research won grant support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. While at NCSU I received a fellowship to study the performance of plants in controlled ecological life support systems for human space exploration at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. I have published several review articles about the effects of air pollution, as well as peer-reviewed scientific studies describing the results of my research.

I founded the Research Triangle Scientist-Teacher Partnership to bring volunteer scientists and engineers into elementary school classrooms. This program led to a position with the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology creating and directing a multi-million dollar competitive grant from the National Science Foundation to improve statewide support for science and mathematics education.

I followed my passion for science and taught high school science in North Carolina’s public schools. During my tenure as a teacher I was selected a Kenan Teaching Fellow and worked to improve the teaching and learning of science.

I am a pilot of single-engine aircraft and also fly unmanned aerial vehicles for fun and profit. Other hobbies include reading, hiking, wood-working, swimming, and gardening. I live with my wife in North Carolina, where we enjoy visiting our three daughters and their families.

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