As a general aviation pilot, a story about increasing conflicts among fliers sharing the skies overhead carries an intrinsic interest with a safety overtone. As a biologist and a birder, realizing the story is about wildlife-human aerial interactions awakens quite a different interest, still with a safety overtone. Sergio Lambertucci, a wildlife ecologist at the … More AIRSPACE CROWDING

What Are the Odds?

It’s my birthday, and Dave’s and Mary’s and Sean’s too! We’re in a neighborhood dinner group consisting of six couples. One evening a few years ago we came to the rather amazing discovery that of the twelve of us, four shared a March 18th birthday. Now the chance that two people meeting on the street … More What Are the Odds?


The U.S. Department of Energy has for the second time decided to terminate its financial support of the attempt to demonstrate carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). The concept of “clean coal” depends on the ability to capture and inactivate or permanently store the carbon dioxide emissions and other contaminants otherwise released when coal is burned to produce … More CLEAN COAL: A COLLAPSE OF CHICANERY?

AVIATION: The Invisible Highway – a review of the trailer!

There’s a new documentary coming out next year called, Aviation: The Invisible Highway. The trailer claims that…“When airplanes were invented, their purpose was simple, to take us faster and farther.” I disagree. Airplanes were invented because people wanted to go up into the air. They wanted to fly above the ground. They wanted to see … More AVIATION: The Invisible Highway – a review of the trailer!


It’s complicated, but that happens when you start messing around with time and space. Complexity, though, can make for an interesting plot, and that’s why I found this movie frustrating. The fabulous scientific accuracy with which Interstellar portrays travel across unfathomable distances and uncomfortable lengths of time is not matched by an equally sound scientific … More INTERSTELLAR, the movie