ABC Asteroid XYZ

In “Asteroids Good and Bad” we touched on NASA’s plans to detect asteroids as well as to eventually land on one and “redirect” a piece of it into orbit around the Moon. Why the interest in these space rocks? Asteroids have pounded Earth for billions of years, and they’re not done with their mission, as … More ABC Asteroid XYZ

Plants in Space

Several weeks ago there was a big splash in the media about astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) eating lettuce they had grown in Earth orbit. Having once spent ten weeks on a faculty fellowship at Kennedy Space Center working on potential problems associated with growing plants in space, I was curious about the … More Plants in Space


It’s complicated, but that happens when you start messing around with time and space. Complexity, though, can make for an interesting plot, and that’s why I found this movie frustrating. The fabulous scientific accuracy with which Interstellar portrays travel across unfathomable distances and uncomfortable lengths of time is not matched by an equally sound scientific … More INTERSTELLAR, the movie