Talking to kids about climate change

NASA’s Climate Kids

Scholastic’s “Communicate with your kids about climate change”

Yale Climate Connections: Parenting in an age of climate change

Think Progress: How to talk to a 5-year-old about climate change

NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project

5 Pro Tips for Talking to Kids About Climate Change (Without Freaking Them Out)

Rainforest Alliance Climate Educator Guide

Parent Map: Wisdom for talking to kids about climate change

Archive of EPA’s “A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change”

Climate 101 from Climate Classroom Kids and the National Wildlife Federation

The Essential Principles of Climate Literacy, by NOAA

Climate Communication: Science and Outreach


SciStarter: Science We Can Do Together

Journey North: Wildlife migration and seasonal change


North Carolina’s Candid Critters

Project FeederWatch


Project BudBurst





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